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Fire alarm control system


Clean rooms generally adopt fire-fighting linkage control。

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    The clean room is a production space with controlled suspended particles in the air. Its design, construction and use should minimize indoor intrusion, generation and carrying particles. Other relevant indoor parameters, such as temperature, relative humidity, pressure, etc., are also controlled as required. Clean workshops have been widely used in various fields such as electronic components, medicine, precision instrument manufacturing, and scientific research.
    Fire risk of clean workshop
    A lot of combustible materials are often used in the decoration process. Air duct insulation often uses combustible materials such as polystyrene, which increases the fire load of the building. Once a fire occurs, it burns violently and the fire is difficult to control. The production process involves inflammable, explosive and combustible. Many production processes in clean workshops for electronic components use flammable and explosive liquids and gases as cleaning agents that can easily cause fires and explosions. The packaging materials of pharmaceutical products and some auxiliary materials are often combustibles, which also poses a fire hazard. The clean workshop must ensure cleanliness, and the air exchange rate is as high as 600 times per hour, which dilutes the smoke and provides sufficient oxygen for combustion. Some production processes or equipment require a high temperature of over 800°C, which also greatly increases the risk of fire.
    The clean room generally adopts fire-fighting linkage control, which means that after the fire detector detects the fire signal, it can automatically cut off the relevant air conditioner in the alarm area, close the fire valve on the pipe, stop the relevant fan, and open the exhaust valve of the relevant pipe. Automatically close the electric fire doors and fire shutter doors of relevant parts, cut off the non-fire power supply in order, turn on the accident lighting and evacuation indicator lights, stop all elevators except the fire elevator, and start the fire extinguishing immediately through the controller of the control center ,the system carries out automatic fire extinguishing.

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