Top 10

of Chinese Stone Machinery


Automatic temperature and humidity control

Temperature and humidity control is an important condition for clean workshop production, and relative temperature and humidity is a commonly used environmental control condition during the operation of clean workshops.

Ductless fresh air system

The ductless fresh air system consists of fresh air unit, which are also used to purify outdoor air and introduce them into the room.

Ozone disinfection

The characteristics of ozone disinfection are easy to use, safe, flexible in installation, and obvious in killing bacteria.

Chain clean room door

The principle and application of electric interlocking door in clean room.

Handmade hollow MgO clean room panel

The hollow glass magnesium manual panel has a smooth and beautiful surface, good sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, earthquake resistance and fire resistance.

Handmade MOS clean room panel

The main application of magnesium oxysulfide fireproof panel is to produce some light insulation panels.

FFU intelligent control system

As a kind of purification equipment, FFU is currently widely used in various cleaning projects.

Analog instrument automatic control

The automatic control composition of analog instruments is generally a single-loop control system, which can only be applied to small-scale air-conditioning systems.

Fire alarm control system

Clean rooms generally adopt fire-fighting linkage control。