agriculture products

Green food- Xiangxi Grandma Dishes, Mother’s love Taste of hometown

The raw materials are dried turnips from 3000 meters high Yunnan mountains and preserved vegetables such as dried cabbage etc. The traditional 8 production processes are optimized and upgraded to 13 processes, without adding any pigment.It’s fragrant, tastes crisp and appetizing.

Smoke Bamboo Shoots from Red Cradle of China

Smoke bamboo shoots is known as “Bamboo sea cucumber”. “Delicious” is one of the reasons why people like bamboo shoots. “Healthy” is another.  There is a third important reason why people like to eat bamboo shoots, and that is nutrition,full of dietary fibers.

Chicken Juice Crisp Bamboo Shoots

Chicken juice crisp bamboo shoots is a delicious dishes made of bamboo shoots, soup-stock, edible oil, etc. It tastes fresh, tender, crisp and smooth, very nutritious and delicious,full of dietary fibers.

Chili Sauce-Traditional Handmade

Excellent pod peppers and millet peppers are selected for chili sauce, processed with unique formula. There is long lasting and unforgettable aftertaste.It adds fragrance and freshness while cooking dishes.

Egg Toufu

Our Egg Tofu is made of the whole egg, not just yolk or egg white. It has great nutrition value and high protein content. It’s chewy, tender and fragrant, clean and hygienic, and could be eaten as snacks, or cooked as dishes.

Hunan Traditional Delicious Cuisine-Flavour Laba Beans

Laba Beans is one of the local traditional food in Hunan, now has hundreds of years history. Xiang Yu Guo Laba beans selects high-quality soybeans from northeastern China. It has a delicious aroma and can be preserved for a long time. It tastes fragrant and glutinous, stimulates appetite and dige...

Dried Cowpeas-All Natural Green Vegetable

It is rich in nutritional value, containing carotene, carbohydrate, cellulose, and these can be transformed into vitamin A. It improves visual fatigue, provides abundant sugar, and guarantees consumption of energy needed by human body.