Paper supplies

SSB Tri-Layer Forming Fabric

short description: The SSB three-layer forming fabric adopts a three-layer structure design of upper, middle and lower. The upper layer adopts a smaller diameter diameter, weft and plain weave structure to improve the retention of fine fibers and fillers, and improve the uniformity and smoothness...

Double Layer Forming Fabric

short description: The structure of the double layer forming fabric is generally a double-layer weft structure, and the manufacturing method is seam (H) [type]. Compared with single-layer forming mesh, the warp and weft density is higher. The structure of the two-layer forming net is more stable ...

1.5 Layer forming fabric

short description: The ideal 1.5 layer forming fabric for most paperboard and packaging grades applications,  especially where a smooth top surface and long life potential are desired. In addition,  Clean mesh yarn technology provides maximum resistance to premature fabric contamination.

single layer forming fabric

short description: According to your company’s paper machine model, Jingxin can provide various polyester mesh belt .