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Urea has an ammonia smell and a salty taste. When heating temperature is higher than its melting point, 

it is decomposed into biuret, ammonia and cyanic acid. 1g soluble in 1mL water, 10ml 95% ethanol, 1ml 95%
boiling ethanol, 20mL anhydrous ethanol, 6ml methanol and 2mL glycerol. Soluble in concentrated hydrochloric
acid, almost insoluble in ether and chloroform. The pH of 10% aqueous solution is 7.23. Irritating.


CAS number: 57-13-6
Molecular formula: H2NCONH2
Color: white
Grade: Industrial Grade
Density: 1.335
Melting point: 132.7°C
Purity%: Min 99.5%
Name: Carbamide

Urea is used in analysis for antimony and tin. Determination of lead, calcium, copper, gallium, phosphorus, iodide and
nitrate. Determination of blood urea nitrogen, with standard solution, determination of serum bilirubin. Separation of
hydrocarbons. Nitric oxide and nitrous acid used to decompose nitrogen in the analysis. Prepare the medium. Folin
method for the determination of uric acid stabilizer, homogeneous precipitation.

Physical Properties:Non radioactive white,Free flowing, free from harmful substances coated, spherical & uniform in size ,100% treated against caking.

Usage: It is directly used as fertilizer or raw material of NP/ NPK fertilizer. It is also source of polywood, Adblue, Plastic, Resin, Pigment, Feed additive and Medicine Industry.

Package: in bulk, in 50kg/1,000kg woven bag lined with inner plastic bag according to the clients’ requests.


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