Far Infrared Underfloor Graphene Heating Film


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Carbonwarm heating film features
1. Quick installation and immediately usage.
2. ECO-friendly, no noise dust-free and non-pollution.
3. Underfloor heating products save more space.
4. As the temperature increases, the consumption of electricity decreases.
5. With smart thermostat, it is easy to make different temperature for different room.

Healthy heating system with environment in mind
1. Low electromagnetic wave by using carbon which is same as charcoal.
2. As heat is generated, anion and far-infrared ray are released-decrease odor and discourage germ growth.
3. No flame when heating — no dust, no carbon monoxide, no noise.
4. Perfect for day care and hospital.

Laying and connection

Floor heating film features

Over 99.69% high heat conversion
Zero decay, long lifespan over 50 years
ECO-friendly, dust-free and non-pollution
Smart switch control
IPX7 Waterproof, fireproof
High insulation 3750V
Far-infrared ray radiant healthy care
10 years warranty for Electric Radiant Floor Heating Film
Core Technology, patent design

Application place


Yoga room


Road snow melting



Work shop



Electric Radiant Floor Heating Film applied to primary heating source in the following industries and applications:
Residential Primary and Supplemental Heating.
Commercial, Industrial, Exterior De Icing.
Healthcare, Pet and Hobby, Agricultural, OEM Projects, etc.

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Our company

Yantai New material Co., LTD was established in 2010. The company is located in Longkou City, Shandong Province, which is located in the north of China. Production and sales, construction and installation of large-scale electric floor heating projects, research and development and manufacturing of electric heating film production equipment, is an innovative enterprise with a number of high-end technologies such as PTC nano-semiconductor technology, negative ion technology, and graphene heating technology.


1. Will electric film heating leak?Waterproof?
Answer: No, Electric film to warm with good insulating properties, sealed, waterproof, flame retardant and anti-aging properties, can meet Europe, China’s security certification.

2. Electric film to warm the same principe with electric blanket?
Answer: Not the same, Electric blanket is a nicket-chromium wire heating, heating cable is nicket-chromium wire heating too. (A magnetic field, power consumption intensive) electric film to warm the “carbon” far-infrared heat(power consumption is small), has therapeutic effect).

3. Will electric film heating produce electromagnetic waves?

4. Will power consumption of electric film as much as warm electric heating (electric stove) does?
Answer:Electric heating film working principle is not the same, low running costs.Electric heating, electric stove, electric oil-heating devices, regenerative heating stove are all intensive power consumption.

5. When electric film heating installation,what are the requirements on the ground?
Answer rough house cement rough surface can be laid directly, you can also pave it on marble, ceramic tile, wood floor etc.

6. After electric film installation finished, what kinds of materials can be put above it?
Answer wood flooring, laminate flooring, floor tile(marble, tile)and so on

7. Can pure solid wood floor put above electric film?
Answer:no.For pure solid wood floor itself features such as high water content, low density, under heated conditions, distort, distortion or cracking.



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